Eva Simons op 1 in de Britse hitlijst

Eva Simons leeft niet alleen “the American dream”, maar inmiddels ook “the British dream”. De Nederlandse zangeres is namelijk te horen op will.i.am’s nieuwe single ‘This Is Love’, die deze week op nummer 1 is binnengekomen in de Britse Top 40. Eerder deze week trad Eva met de Black Eyed Peas-zanger op in ‘America’s Got Talent’.

Eva’s eigen single ‘Don’t Like You’ is verkrijgbaar via iTunes.


Bloomingdale XXL CD Release 8 juli 2012

Time flies. Al pingpongen de weergoden er lustig op los, de ‘zomer’ vliegt voorbij. Inmiddels breekt voor Bloomingdale alweer de vijfde maand aan waarmee maandelijks een zondag verrijkt wordt met een grootse XXL editie. En in de julimaand is dit er één van extra bijzonder krachtige proporties; namelijk waarmee de CD RELEASE boventoon voert! Op zondag 8 juli pakt Bloomingdale extra muzikaal uit, aangevuld met artiesten die het gevoel van de Bloomingdale CD van dit jaar haarfijn weten te vertalen…

Het album dat Bloomingdale jaarlijks uitbrengt heeft haar stempel op de dance scene gezet. In samenwerking met Defected in the House garandeert Bloomingdale opnieuw een unieke dubbel cd waarop kwaliteit, uitstraling en de beste tracklist gewaarborgd is. Met op de ene cd bruisende club beats en op de andere het hoogzomerse strandgevoel verwerkt, vormt ook deze er één om jouw muziekcollectie mee compleet te maken.

Na de trouwe en professionele mixbijdrage van de afgelopen jaren, heeft Ricky Rivaro het muzikale stokje dit jaar aan Franky Rizardo overgedragen. Franky Rizardo raast als muzikaal bezetene door de dance scene en zijn passie en talent vormen voor Bloomingdale dan ook een garantie om jou dit jaar opnieuw met een sublieme cd te kunnen verwennen.
Dat mag gevierd worden! Bij een zomers album, met hierin de allure van Beachclub Bloomingdale verwerkt, hoort natuurlijk ook een temperatuurrijzend programma. Eén waarbij de XXL kracht in acht genomen wordt en jij dus vanaf 14:00 uur verwent wordt door de heerlijke deejays en entertainers, verdeeld over twee goedgevulde area’s:

SUNSET AREA (outdoor) 
Gregor Salto
Lucien Foort
Franky Rizardo
Mitchell Niemeyer

FULL MOON AREA (indoor) 
Michael Mendoza
Jaz von D
Dennis Ruyer
De Ancho
Soul Pressure

Tickets zijn zoals je weet online te bestellen (hier) en vanzelfsprekend zien wij ook dit keer weer graag (hier) of jij erbij bent. Het interview met Franky Rizardo check je (hier). Oja EN kansmaken op FREE XXL TICKETS doe je (hier). 

Tune Of The Day: Christian Burns & Stefan Dabruck – Bullet

Those dying to hear a first taste of Christian Burns’ upcoming artist album, be prepared. Together with German producer Stefan Dabruck, he shoots right in with ‘Bullet’!

He’s worked with the likes of Armin van Buuren, Tiësto and BT. His impressive career includes three million albums sold as a member of the popular Britband BBMak.

Yes, you could say that Christian Burns has earned his stripes. Open-minded as the charismatic singer is, you’ll find it no surprise that the first piece to flow from his new album, is another well-blended mixture of styles.

Combining his songwriting talents and dazzling voice with the producer skills of one half of the Dabruck & Klein team, ‘Bullet’ shows all different facades of the Burns world.

On remix duties, you’ll find Dutchman Mischa Daniels rocking ‘Bullet’ with a feel-good house vibe, as well as the proggy touch of Colombian producer KhoMha.

Download this track now, exclusively on Beatport: http://s.beatport.com/BulletBP
Available on other portals on July 2nd.


Introducing: DJ Lea Dobricic

Over the years, DJ Lea Dobricic has been using her distinct, timeless sense of music, and eye for the crowd to move hundreds of partygoers across countless dance floors. Born in Belgrade-Serbia, she was influenced by the local  underground Electronic -music scene. At age of 10, she began to actively pursue her love of music by taking up vocal training and joining the local choir. She always knew that she is destined to share her love and talent with music lovers around the world.

In 2005 DJ Lea decided to move to Florence, Italy to join the academy of Fine Arts. Her journey into the electronic music scene started at small clubs around Florence. It was not too long after, that she became one of the hidden treasures of the old city. Working as a full time DJ and producer, she has been rocking the house with heart and mind at many of the local clubs such as Tenax, KamKama, Frau Marlene, as well as many other clubs in Italy, Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, which have all been pleased by her live-performance.  She spins a contagious mix of deep house, tech house, minimal and techno. Always with precise technique and extreme elegance, bringing freshness and energy.

Charismatic, easy-going, talented and beautiful …she had a meteoric appearance in electronic music scene, rapidly gaining a prestigious position in an environment entwined with men. 2006 she was invited to become the resident DJ at “Moyo”, one of the major, well known establishments in the city.

Starting with a very modest setup, she was able to progressively improve on her skills in a relatively short amount of time. With countless hours of practice and many sleepless nights, she was able to drive her performance to whole new level. Her basic interface is two turntables and a mixer.Though today she plays using Traktor Scratch, she kept the “Jokey” in DJ: she never stopped beat matching. But she did add a MIDI controller for loops and effects.Driven by her inspiration, she wanted to do more than just play great music; she wanted to make it too.

Soon her talent was noticed by Ahmet Sendil’s label “Bosphorus Underground recordings” and she started to regularly publish for them and many other labels like ItaloBusiness, Butane,Killing Machine,No-Logic etc. Today, she spends most of her time multitasking between Ableton Live, Logic Pro and various synths, wave editors and sample libraries. In addition, she is now eagerly learning math and physics (Things that she always disliked in school) in order to help her synthesize the right sound that will make that perfect fit.

In May 2010, she was awarded the winning prize of the “Stefano Noferini Remix” Contest.Her submission was one among hundreds reviewed, a clear statement about her talent driven by her passion for the music. Remix is released on “Deeperfect” records.


Introducing: Miss DJ Pookie

Ellen van Olst is the girl behind Miss DJ POOKIE. She was born in the south of The Netherlands. As a little babygirl, she loves MUSIC….singing & dancing from the age of 1. In 2008 she got more & more involved with the dancescene and she started to work for ID&T BV. End of 2009, Ellen got inspired by her boyfriend “DJ Pascal Heemskerk” who infected her with the DJ – Virus. It’s 4 april 2010 when her first set “Entering The First Time” is born! I’m an intuitive/emotional artist, audiojunkie and soundlover from the heart, addicted to beats, bass and magical sounds. I have to feel the music!! It must be energic, melodic with nice feelings.