Inside Ibiza 2013 Magazine


Inside Ibiza Magazine 2013 Dancefreax
Inside Ibiza Magazine entices guests to forget everything they have heard, read or seen about Ibiza so far and indulge in discovering the new findings of the Spanish Island. The magazine expands the editorial focus on locals who have built Ibiza to a standard of international excellence, traditions and cultural diversities. The step-by-step guide takes you through the team’s highest recommendations, reviews and interviews with award winning DJs and Producers.

Inside Ibiza Magazine 2013

Download the “DJ Marketing Bible”

Learn how to increase your DJ career by moving out of your bedroom and get into the professional DJ scene. Or if you have already made it to clubs on how you can actually create solid foundations for your career.

How to create your own artist name, biography, logo and website.

How to make a mix where people will listen to.

Finding people to look out for you and grow your fanbase through Facebook and Twitter.

How to throw your first event and how to keep your ego in check.

How to make a professional dj rider.

How to get your demos read by the big record labels.

The marketing secrets behind SoundCloud and Facebook.

How to face the hate from other DJ’s.

Download the “DJ Marketing Bible” here.
“This Is The First Piece of Proper Education”
The “DJ Marketing Bible” sums up most of the tactics I’ve been using the last 10 years as a one-man-army to get out of the bedroom and into the clubs and major festivals. This is the first piece of proper education since the classic structure of the record industry collapsed and a must read for every starting DJ.

Vato Gonzalez