Slam!fm Beachbreak Part 2 – 1 september 2012

Zaterdag 1 september tussen 14.00 en 23.00 uur is alweer de elfde editie van het populaire zomerfeest ‘SLAM!FM Beachbreak’, in Beachclub Vroeger in Bloemendaal aan Zee. Elk jaar opent SLAM!FM het zomerseizoen en sluit deze ook op gepaste wijze weer af. De openingseditie van twee weken geleden was net als altijd stijf uitverkocht.

SLAM!FM Beachbreak is inmiddels een begrip onder jongeren om de zomer uitbundig te vieren. De eerste namen van de DJ’s die tijdens de SLAM!FM Beachbreak closing party komen draaien zijn al bekend: Quintino, Erick E, Sick Individuals, La Fuente & MC Gee, Vato Gonzalez & MC Tjen en uiteraard de vaandeldragers van SLAM!FM DJ Jean, Partysquad en de mannen van De Avondploeg.

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Introducing: Lady Bee

One of the most wanted MC’s in the Netherlands, Lady Bee (Bianca Latupapua) is well known for her energetic, powerful voice and spontaneous appearance during many DJ sets in any kind of dance-scene.

With her style, lyrics on the beat, singing, rhyming and shouting she’s always able to please and hype up the crowd. Bee started to MC in the UK-garage and Drum and Bass scene. In 2002 she became part of the Splendid-crew and was one of the resident MC’s at the Speedfreax parties. At that time she made several 2step tracks published on the UK sound compilation CD, mixed by the Partysquad. Later on she became interested in House Music, and did increasingly more MC gigs for House and Club DJ’s.

In late 2005 she came in contact with DJ Erick-E who introduced her to 1Management. Bee released several featuring tracks with producers Sidney Samson, Hardwell, Youri Donatz and Laidback Luke. Currently she’s working on her own album. Besides her gigs in clubs, she also performed at big festivals in the Netherlands like Mysteryland, Dancevalley, Lake Dance Festival, Emporium and Solar Festival. She worked with many international DJ’s like Fedde le Grand, Sidney Samson, Afrojack and Laidback Luke. Her fame was starting to spread beyond the Netherlands. It was at this point that Bee’s international career really took off in earnest.

Now, 10 years later Lady Bee decides to step up and twist her career. MC Lady Bee is now transformed into DJ Lady Bee! Although her career as a MC isn’t over, she’s determined to blow the speakers up in every club.

Her love towards becoming a DJ started in 2002 where she only could find the right music on Vinyl records.  So she bought turntables and thats when her love and passion for music started growing.  Bee’s style will literally drag you across the room. It goes from house to urban to dubstep. What to expect from her mixes? A feminine, sexy and though mix with balls.

This lady is ready to be one of the few feminine DJ’s and conquer the world with her delicious mixing skills and mind blowing productions.

You can follow Lady Bee on: