House Rockers presents Mitchell Niemeyer

Mitchell Niemeyer House Rockers Escape 26 july 2013 Dancefreax
Vrijdag 26 juli is niemand minder dan Mitchell Niemeyer in the house! Mitchell Niemeyer bracht dit jaar zijn eerste single ‘Hollywood’ uit en is nu al bezig met zijn tweede single met de wereldberoemde Kelly Rowland. Naast Kelly Rowland heeft Mitchell ook samen gewerkt met grootheden als Jonathan Mendelsohn, Estelle, Chris Willis, Madcon, Nervo en DJ Chuckie. Alsof dat niet genoeg is, is hij op dit moment wereldwijd aan het touren met Dirty Dutch, maar op 26 juli zal hij terugkeren om de Escape keihard te ROCKEN als echte House Rockers doen!

Beleef hoe de statement van House Rockers diep doorgevoerd wordt, waarin Mitchell Niemeyer onder begeleiding van MC Rich versterkt wordt door:


READY2ROCK!? Een editie om ook in JULI naar een hoog house-niveau te tillen! De voorverkoop is hier van start gegaan.

Datum: Vrijdag 26 juli 2013
Tijd: 23:00 – 05:00
Locatie: Escape Venue (Amsterdam)
Line-up: Mitchell Niemeyer, Nene Dasile, Kimberlee Ramirez, Owen-Joy, Tom Ven, Le Blas, Jonathan Eager, D1A & Rich MC

VVK: Regular tickets 8 EURO // VIP tickets 20 EURO // VIP tables 300 EURO (4 pers. 1 bottle)


Armin van Buuren geeft zich bloot bij Friends of MTV

Armin Van Buuren MTV 2013 Dancefreax 2
Vanaf vandaag staat het fotodagboek van de beste DJ ter wereld, onze eigen Armin van Buuren, online op ‘Friends of MTV’. Artiesten als Eva Simons, Kraantje Pappie en Kensington gingen hem al voor, maar nu geeft ook Armin van Buuren een kijkje achter de schermen van zijn hectische bestaan.

Friends Of MTV Logo 2013 Armin Van Buuren Dancefreax
In november begint zijn nieuwe tour Armin Only – Intense, maar wie denkt dat hij tot die tijd rust neemt om bij te komen heeft het mis.

Armin Van Buuren MTV 2013 Dancefreax 1
Just love it!
In een week van Korea, naar Toronto en door naar Ibiza onmogelijk? Niet voor Armin van Buuren. Op de foto’s is te zien hoe hij op vrijdag een optreden geeft in Korea, de zaterdag erna in Taiwan en de zondag aan het soundchecken is in Toronto. Chillen in het zwembad kan pas na maandagavond als Armin in de Privilege – Ibiza gedraaid heeft. Dat is nog eens reizen! De populairste dj van de wereld vliegt de hele wereld over om zijn fans een onvergetelijke muziekervaring te geven. “It’s always back to reality and the travel-mood. But it is what I love to do most, so I’m always happy to be back on it again. When you see that crowd going nuts in front of you, there’s nothing else to do but to love it!”

New release: Markus Schulz – Scream

Back in June 2010 one of the world’s most inventive electronic music minds released the artist album odyssey that was ‘Do You Dream?’ Fan applause, cross-genre DJ support and dance press acclaim greeted one chart-scaling, master-blasting single after another.

From ‘Do You Dream’s day of release though, Markus Schulz had already begun imagining and conceiving the sound designs that would go to make up his next long-playing excursion.

Now, comprising a 19-track packed collection of ear catching, floor quenching, seismic audio, his ‘Dream’ is about to turn into a mighty ‘Scream’!

“When you’re in the studio, deep in production mode on an album, your mind’s eye is forever picturing the reactions tracks, and moments in tracks, are going to generate”, says Markus. So in many respects the title ‘Scream’ is also the album’s mission statement. It’s that response, that surge of feeling and emotion I want to come back up off the floor when one of its tracks goes on. When it happens, you know all the late hours in the studio, putting the pieces in place, have been worth it!”

With a single-minded quality-meets-quantity credo, Markus has made judicious use of known vocal talent and new singer/songwriter blood on the album. These include US-based sensations Jaren and Aruna, as well as Paper Aeroplanes front-woman Sarah Howells. Also front-and-centre are precocious newer talents, with the likes of Seri and new Schulz discovery-cum-protégée, Adina Butar joining ‘Scream’s vocal cast.

Giving the album a strong song-edged bias has resulted in one with productions that span EDM’s spectrum.

For every daytime radio inciting number (‘Until It’s Gone’, ‘Love Rain Down On Me’ and current single ‘Caught’ to tag but a few), there’s also the more underground themes of tracks like ‘Deep In The Night’, ‘Absolution’ and the album’s thrilling title track. During the final weeks of ‘Scream’s production Schulz commented:“one of the side-effects of producing instrumental long-players like my Dakota ‘Thoughts Become Things’ series is that you keenly feel how much you miss working with lyrics and vocals. ‘Scream’ will be my most vocal-oriented album yet and I believe that the singer-song-writing talent I’ve collaborated with, it will also make for my most accomplished”.

‘Scream’ isn’t exclusively about the vocal though. Building the consummate 360° electronic music album requires contrast and that comes firmly into focus with its heart-of-the-dancefloor seeking instrumentals. From the scene-setting beat-free overture of ‘Our Moment’ to the serrated synthery of floor-ammo like ‘Triotronic’, ‘Soul Seeking’ and ‘Loops n Things’ (with Ferry Corsten) it delivers a comprehensive, panoramic, day-or-night-time listening experience.

Through it Schulz has once again demonstrated that the production side of his mind is alive, kicking and quite literally screaming to be turned loose. And on August 31st that’s exactly what will happen.

Planet EDM will never be quite the same again.

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Elvis Jesus Vs Paul Oakenfold

After sponsoring world renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold on his last world tour as well as Madonna’s Celebration tour, a strong relationship was formed with the exciting idea of working more closely together… Elvis Jesus  took it one step further and designed an exclusive t-shirt in anticipation of Paul’s upcoming ‘POP KILLER’ album launch.

Paul loves the design and has been spotted rocking the ‘POP KILLER’ tee across the globe on his current tour. A limited amount have been made, each tee is numbered, signed and embedded with a quote from Paul.

These eagerly awaited tees will be launched August 30th and are exclusively available @